At bioCycle™ we are confident that our systems are the best of their kind in Ireland that will last for many decades to come. We are happy to say that our customers seem to agree with us.

bioCycle™ offered the best solution


bioCycle™ – a superior system all round

I installed a small plastic wastewater treatment system when I built my house 10 years ago. From the start I had problems with the system. I was getting it emptied up to three times a year and was constantly having problems with odours and blockages. I was being to worry every time I put on the washing machine ad dishwasher. It was apparent fairly early on that the system chosen was too small for my house. In 2012, I contacted bioCycle™ about replacing my system. A neighbour had their system installed and had no problems over the years. I eventually decided that a replacement system was my best option and went with bioCycle™. The initial cost of the system was high but overall when I considered the long term running costs it was the best option. I was very happy with the system and would not hesitate to recommend bioCycle™.

Sheelagh Kelly, Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow

Now fully certified and compliant

There was an old septic tank in my property when I bought it in the late 1970’s. I had heard all the talk in the media about inspections and felt I better do something about my system. I had no records of where the percolation area was and felt the tank might be leaking. I did a bit of research online and came across bioCycle™. They were offering a complete replacement of the system and percolation area and were provided all the certification in house. I replaced in septic tank with the bioCycle™ system in 2011 and am very happy with the system and the service so far.

Gerry and Rita Sheehan, Adare, Co. Limerick.

No problems 20 years on!

We installed our bioCycle™ in the Summer of 1992 all of 22 years ago and have to say it is a super system.

The Drumlin area of North County Meath where we live with our 3 teenage sons has a heavy loam type of soil and the septic tank we had was a constant annoyance. We had to empty it on a regular basis and it definitely was not environmentally friendly in the picturesque area which we live in. With a young growing family the use of Washing Machines and Dish Washers had put big pressure on the old traditional system which was unable to cope.

Since installing our unit we have had to empty it three times and one of them was when the submersible pump wore out due to natural ground subsidence causing the outlet pipe to chink and therefore block and as we were on holidays at the time the in house alarm went unheard.

We ensure to pay our contract in time each year and in doing so we were fully covered as the bioCycle™ technicians sorted the problem in a professional manner.

By paying our contact each year we feel we get good value for money as the bioCycle™ people give our system a twice yearly check-up and should any of the components need replacing this is covered in the contact.

In hind sight we feel we made a very good choice when picking the bioCycle™ people to sort out our septic tank and wastewater problems almost 2 Decades ago.

Peter & Loretta OHalloran, Drumconrath, Co. Meath.

Excellent staff, system and service

I have a bioCycle™ installed since 2003 and could not recommend this system enough. I also have an annual service contract with bioCycle™ since 2003 which I find excellent. I find that not only is the system excellent but the staff in bioCycle™ are very helpful and professional and I could not praise them enough.

Ms. Marion Conneally, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Clean tank, well maintained

I am a customer of bioCycle™ since 1999. I could not be happier with the system and I haven’t even had to pump it out yet. The tank is very clean and never smells even in the hot summer months. I am signed up to the yearly maintenance contract and when a blower on the system did fail, an alarm went off in the system and bioCycle™ came out the same day and replaced the blower for free as part of the maintenance contract.

Mr. Edward O’Mahony, Monkstown, Co. Cork.

Ideal for a site with poor drainage

I live in an area with poor drainage and a high water table, which presents problems with wastewater and sewage. I checked various sewage systems over a two year period and spoke to people with the same problem that I had with poor soil. I installed a bioCycle™ system in September 2005 and it is excellent. I would have no problem recommending this system as I know first-hand how good it is. The system also adds value to the property and is cheap to run, a win win solution to a very serious but common problem throughout the country.

Patsy Keane, Dungarvan, Co.Waterford.

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