Homeowner Liability

Under Irish Law the homeowner is responsible to ensure that their Wastewater Treatment system is properly designed, constructed, installed and maintained.

Water Services Act 2012 – You are Liable

Under the Water Services Act 2012 the homeowner is liable for any pollution from your wastewater treatment system.
The responsibility is on the homeowner to ensure your wastewater treatment systems are working and being maintained.
Local Authorities have started carrying out inspections to ensure wastewater treatment systems are working and being maintained.

“The owner of a premises connected to a domestic wastewater treatment system shall-

a) Ensure that the system does not constitute, and is not likely to constitute, a risk to human health or the environment, and, in particular does not

i. Create a risk to water, air or soil, or to plants and animals,
ii. Create a nuisance through noise or odours, or
iii. Adversely affect the countryside or places of special interest”

EPA 2009 Code of Practice & European Standard EN12566 is not adequate protection.

Most planning authorities currently require that the septic tank or wastewater treatment systems must be designed & installed as per EPA 2009 code of practice and certified to the European Standard EN12566. This is no guarantee that the wastewater treatment & polishing filters will work. This is a vital consideration when choosing a Wastewater Treatment system. The EPA 2009 code of practice disclaims any responsibility for any treatment system and polishing filter designed and installed to this code of practice.

“Neither the Environmental Protection Agency nor the author(s) accept any responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage occasioned or claimed to have been occasioned, in part or in full, as a consequence of any person acting, or refraining from acting, as a result of a matter contained in this publication.”

European Standard EN12566 offers no protection to the homeowner. Only a guarantee of performance from the manufacture will help protect you. Find out more about the limitations of the European Standard EN12566

Find out more about the limitations of the European Standard EN12566


How Can You Protect Yourself?

  • Insist on a written guarantee that covers the treatment performance and mechanical parts of the wastewater treatment system and polished filters.
  • Insist that one person takes responsibility, your architect, engineer, wastewater treatment supplier, site assessor or builder should certify that the wastewater treatment system and polished filter is designed and installed is ‘Fit for purpose’ and it is not prejudicial to the health of any person, it does not cause a risk to public health or the environment.
  • Insist that the person certifying the wastewater treatment system and polished filter has the necessary insurance should something go wrong. Professional indemnity, Third Party Liability and Environmental Damage Insurance.

The bioCycle™ Guarantee

  • bioCycle™ are the only wastewater treatment system that has a guarantee of performance against pollution.
  • bioCycle™ can guarantee and take responsibility for the liabilities and risk associated with the Water Services Act 2012.
  • Our 30 Year Guarantee is a simple reflection of the quality of our system and the confidence we have in its trusted performance. Giving long term reassurance and peace of mind when choosing a bioCycle™ system.

bioCycle™ will give you a written guarantee up to 30 Years
bioCycle™ can certify the system “fit for purpose” and will not cause pollution
bioCycle™ has the unrivalled insurance to protect the homeowner

Do you consider this important? Talk to bioCycle™, the only company that can offer protection.

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