Go beyond current legislation

Wastewater act 2012

It is often the case that current wastewater systems are being installed in accordance with EPA 2009. However it is important to note that EPA 2009 is NOT a statutory based document and in fact the very first page is a full Disclaimer of any responsibility of its use! It is imperative that all wastewater treatment systems are installed in line with the Wastewater Services Act 2012

What is the homeowner Liability?

This Act makes the Homeowner personally liable for all pollution from their wastewater system. It is therefore critical when choosing your system you get the protection and quality system you need. All wastewater systems now have to be registered and are open to inspection. Noncompliance or pollution from a system is the responsibility of the homeowner and may incur fines and/or the replacement of a defective system that can be costly.

Future-proof yourself with a bioCycle™ system.

The Biocycle Classic is the ONLY system to give the level of protection and guarantee/warranty we offer. This is due to the fact that we offer a full design, supply, installation and maintenance service which is so comprehensive that we are the only wastewater treatment supplier that has obtained product liability and environmental damage cover.

Peace of mind.

This is a simple reflection of the quality of our system and the confidence we have in its performance. Our extended warranty is for an extended period of up to 30 years. Giving long term reassurance and peace of mind when choosing a bioCycle™ system.

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