Why bioCycle™

Over 20 Years Experience

For more than 20 years we have been designing a range of products that expertly meet the needs of our sizable client base. We pride ourselves on carrying out the best possible installations and much of our business comes from word of mouth recommendations.

We have won a myriad of awards for both the quality of our products as well as our commitment to creating systems that break the mould in terms of their environmental benefits.

We are extremely passionate about wastewater treatment and are determined to continue designing and installing products that are as green as they are effective.

Complete Solution

We provide complete solutions that have been designed with both the needs of domestic households and large commercial properties in mind.

All our sales staff are qualified chartered engineers, ensuring that any plans drawn up are 100 per cent accurate from the start, and we provide ongoing maintenance and support once systems are installed.

A key benefit to our products is the fact that they have much larger capacities than all others on the market in Ireland. This means that they only have to be desludged on average every seven to ten years. As other systems have to be emptied every 12 months at cost of €250 to €400, this capacity vastly reduces costs.

Wastewater Treatment System Installation

Quality and awards

Why Choose bioCycle™ Wastewater Treatment Systems?
Over the past two decades our work and commitment to the environment has earned us a myriad of accolades.

Amongst the awards we have won are the Green Product Award from the Better Environments Awards for Industry, The Product of the Show Award 2005 at the Irish Sustainable Building Show and the Plan Expo Product of the Year (twice).

We are committed to producing and installing wastewater treatment systems of the highest order and we have many testimonials from clients have been extremely satisfied by our work and our emphasis on customer service.

Multi award winning

Over the past 20 years bioCycle™ has received numerous building and environmental awards.

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Total protection

bioCycle™ is the only company to provide products liability for the treatment unit and polishing filter.
This covers the following:

  • Any major structural fault such as the system cracking or collapsing etc,
  • A malfunction in the treatment process
  • Foul odours
  • A one off pollution incident
  • Failure of the polishing filter, ponding
  • This also provides protection for consumers in the event of the supplier ceasing to trade.
bioCycle™ Wastewater Treatment System

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