bioCycle™ Eco Series

The Intelligent Wastewater Treatment System

bioCycle™ Eco Series - Intelligent Wastewater Treatment
The bioCycle™ Eco Series system uses the latest sequential batch reactor technology along with load dependent operation to provide an excellent cost effective solution for the consumer.

The main advantages of the bioCycle™ Eco System are:

  • Latest Sequential Batch Reactor technology
  • Load Dependent Operation
  • Low Running Costs
  • Precast Concrete Unit
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Excellent Treatment Performance
  • Holiday / Savings Mode
  • Certified I.S. EN 12566-3
  • Quiet Operation

Compare for yourself

We are so confident that our wastewater solution is the most comprehensive offering on the market. Download our Compare bioCycle™ sheet to help you make the right choice.

How it works

100% Natural Process

As a fully biological wastewater treatment system, the Eco Series emulate nature itself. It uses many of the same water purification processes encountered in nature. Useful bacteria are responsible for degrading pollutants. These micro organisams are already in the wastewater and do not always have to be recreated.


Mechanical pre-cleaning is always the first stage in the treatment process. Coarse materials are retained, heavy particles sink to the bottom, while floating items remain at the surface.


Then, the fully-biological main cleaning process takes place. The bacteria require oxygen for effective treatment. Their metabolism degrades the pollutants. A specific controllable oxygen supply optimises the work of the bacteria and reduces the operating costs.


As the last stage of the wastewater treatment system, post-treatment is required. Bacteria are allowed to settle and only the treated wastewater can leave the system. The eco series works like nature, in nature and for nature.

bioCycle™ Eco Series - Intelligent Wastewater Treatment


Ecosave Control System

The EcoSave Control system allows load dependent operation. The advanced control system automatically controls the fully biological wastewater treatment process. If necessary, it switches your system to holiday or power savings mode.

EcoSave Features & Options

The bioCycle™ Eco Series has a wide variety of features and options to suit each individual clients needs.

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