Commercial bioCycle™ Wastewater System for New Residential Development

Project: Installation of Commercial bioCycle™ System & 660msq Polishing Filter for New Residential Development

Date: March 2015

Location: Residential Development, Co. Kilkenny

System Type: bioCycle™ 64,000 Series

System Design: 90 P.E.

BioCycle were contacted by the owner of a new residential development in Co. Kilkenny. They had purchased a new development where all houses were complete but the wastewater treatment system had yet to be installed. BioCycle proposed a system that complied with all the conditions of planning issued by Kilkenny County Council and could cater for a population equivalent of 90.

BioCycle were awarded the project in early 2015. A four chambered biological aerated filter (BAF) wastewater treatment system was installed. A soil polishing filter comprising of 660m2 was installed to dispose of the daily volume of treated effluent.


2015-03-13 16.33.19

2015-03-16 16.15.27



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